Comprehensive Services for Modern Homes

For clients wanting to ensure spectacular custom modern home design results, Comprehensive Services for Modern and Contemporary homes by MossCreek deliver an organized and enjoyable method of planning virtually every detail of your home. This process is a journey of discovery as we travel from conversations of your dream home, to sketches, to material samples, to construction drawings, and finally your built home.

As the homeowner, you can be involved in as much or as little of the detail with us as you wish.

The Process

Throughout the custom design process we review design sketches, material samples, and budgets with you to make sure that we are keeping with the goals for your custom home project. Since many of these materials are sourced from regions around the US, trips are organized to inspect and sample the potential materials for your home.

The design of your home is prepared with careful attention to every detail. The floor plan and exterior elevations are carefully prepared while working closely with you. Structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering are provided to ensure the quality of the construction.

The interior of your custom home is thoughtfully designed to create a unique style that reflects your personality. Railings, trim details, colors, plumbing fixtures, lighting, kitchen design, flooring, and furniture layouts are all part of our custom design services.

During construction, we visit the site regularly and review the quality of the builder’s work and answer questions regarding construction details. This is also the perfect time for us to convene with you to go over interior details, schedules, and any last minute selections.

Monthly Pay Applications by the builder are also reviewed at this time. The builder’s paperwork is carefully examined to make sure that payments accurately reflect the work that has been performed.

Comprehensive Services By Mosscreek Are Just That, Including:

  1. Site
    • Driveway, grading, and drainage
    • Plantings, terraces, pools, etc.
  2. Floor Plan
    • Space planning based on home owners desires
  3. Exterior of the Home
    • Exterior materials and details
  4. Interiors
    • Kitchen cabinetry
    • Floor,wall, and ceiling finishes
    • Color selection
    • Doors, windows, and hardware
  5. Plumbing
    • Selection of fixtures and hardware
  6. Lighting
    • Lighting Plan
    • Light fixture selections
    • Control systems
  7. Audio/Video Systems
    • Music and video
  8. Security Systems
    • Custom tailored security
  9. Smart home systems
    • Energy saving
    • Remote controlled access
  10. Electrical Power
    • Outlet locations
    • Panel and distributions
    • Backup generators
  11. Heating and Air Conditioning
    • Temperature control
    • Humidity control
  12. Furnishings (as desired)
    • Selections and advice on the furnishiongs for each room
    • Access to High Point Market, Spring and Fall Events.