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MossCreek Is America's Favorite Barn Home Designer

Introducing MossCreek’s Barn Inspired home design collection. The  process is easy thanks to their ready-to-purchase, semi-custom, and custom design services. Make your home dreams possible through expert and experienced barn inspired design solutions custom-tailored to your vision.

With America’s favorite rustic barn design company, you can finally commission a barn inspired home unlike anything else and exactly what you dreamed of. Our process starts while standing on your land and ends with a design crafted to fit your unique personality and lifestyle. So why trust the design of your home to anyone else?

Dreams are Meant to Be Beautiful

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Why MossCreek

We create Barn inspired designs for a home that is a true expression of its owner. Designed not just "for" you, but designed "with" you!

Unique Bespoke Designs

We create unique, bespoke designs using the highest quality materials to fill a dream home with organic, beautiful details just for you.

Custom Design

Commission a home like no other with America's favorite home designer. Our design process begins while standing on your land, and ends with a design crafted just to fit you.

Ready To Purchase

Our Ready to Purchase Home Plans are quick, affordable, and easy to modify, a great way to obtain a genuine MossCreek home. See our designs to find just the right plan for you.

MossCreek Ready to Purchase Barn Home Plans

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